Welcome to St. Andrew’s! I find that generally when folks are checking out a church website they have three interests in mind: Community; Spiritual Formation; Outreach. At St. Andrew's, we are actively engaged in all three. Of course, the best way to get to know us is to meet us! I warmly invite to take that bold step and get in touch. Who knows what new vision for your life, new energy for personal growth, new strength for new challenges awaits you!

As a Community, we seek to provide a connecting point for people of all ages. For folks and families new to the area, St. Andrew’s provides an excellent entry point into the broader community. We are a smaller parish (130 on Sundays between two services) with people of all ages representing a wealth of diverse interests. We have been here since 1794! We embody not only a historically stable community but a contemporary community as well!



We actively encourage questions, conversations, ‘getting together’, to search out what St. Paul called, ‘the mystery of faith.’ Our Church School & Family and Youth ministry is a creative and active expression of our commitment to our young people.

Our guide in all of this is the Risen Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, ‘the One through whom all things were made’, by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. Our intentional engagement with this proclamation is ever new, lively, intellectually stimulating, artistically expressed and seeking fresh expression in every life. We believe our planet to be a sacred creation and that our care of it and all peoples is a sacred trust.

Outreach is embracing the real condition of the world. As we have been embraced by God’s Loving Spirit, so we embrace the world. We love because we were first loved. We have sponsored and are sponsoring refugees. Through our Diocese and national church we support a myriad of effective humanitarian projects. Locally, many of us volunteer at a number of social agencies. Year after year we support local initiatives of outreach projects. We are presently involved in Nicaragua renovating a school in a very poor community. We invite you to come and help out!~ The Venerable Max Woolaver

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