At St. Andrew's Anglican Church Grimsby, we believe that the sacrament of baptism celebrates God’s love and our response to God. It is a holy covenant – a promise of God to us, of parents to their children, and of the church community to the support and nurture of all. Baptism proclaims and celebrates the invisible grace of God with the visible sign of life-giving water. Through this sacrament, people, young or old, are baptized into the Christian faith. In the Anglican Church, baptism is the means by which people are welcomed into membership in the church. Since young children are not able to profess their own faith, the parents and we in the church act on their behalf.

St. Andrew's is a welcoming, inclusive and an affirming congregation. We acknowledge that marriage is a covenant between two people, regardless of sexual orientation, who share a life-long commitment to love each other and who ask God’s blessings to affirm this union. The wedding ceremony, in the form of a Christian liturgy, may take place in the church building or offsite.

Death is a time for grieving, for compassion, for understanding, and for faith. 

Our minister and our pastoral care team want to walk with you through this difficult time. We recognize that the passing away of a loved one is a delicate time and that the grieving process is different for everyone. We respect your needs and the wishes of your loved ones and offer ourselves to provide accompaniment and spiritual care. 

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