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Capital Improvements

We need your help!


Dear Friends;

As you can see, our Capital Campaign is moving along nicely toward our Vestry approved goal of $90,000. This is truly a great parish effort and we celebrate the progress we have made!


The Capital Campaign is supported in many different ways by many different people - in the form of prayers, good will and in many different forms of ministry. Not everyone is able to financially support the Campaign and that is quite ok! To those who have given – thank you! To those who have not yet given – please consider what you might be able to offer to help us reach our goal. As you can see above, pledged gifts are welcome and can be received over a period of time.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Every Blessing and Thanks to all,



Capital Campaign Update!

Received this week $500 this week.

Total $74,808.08.

Pledges made $2,500.

Goal $90,000

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